Where Are Bluehost Servers Located?


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Wondering where Bluehost servers are located? I was too, but they don’t publish this information on their website. So I contacted Bluehost customer service to find out.

Bluehost customer service chat window about their datacenter locationPin

Turns out that the datacenter location for Bluehost shared hosting is in Phoenix, AZ.

Not that I don’t trust customer service, but after some further research, specifically searching “bluehost phoenix” on Google, you’ll find multiple job offerings for Bluehost in the Phoenix area.

As you probably know, you always want to pick a server location closest to your visitors. Keep this in mind when deciding where to host your website.

Additionally, take a minute to see how Bluehost compares to other share hosting providers in my speed test comparison, especially if you’re leaning towards Bluehost (this will probably change your mind).

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