Django 101 Course

Introduction to Django

This online course will teach you the fundamentals of Django, a Python web framework. Throughout the 10 lessons, you will build a website with Python.

By the end of the tutorial, you will have a functional Python website similar to the one below where you can add, update, and delete names and corresponding scores from a table.

HTML table on a Django website that allows adding, editing, and deleting rowsPin

While the entire Django course is available as a YouTube playlist and as a GitHub repository, here is a list of the individual videos and a link to the corresponding GitHub commit.

1Django 101 IntroductionSLTXTG6ZXIM
2Python Virtual Environmenta_JRPajVnPk
3Django Start ProjectPBh6XkFobesb9a241d68a95b052504eb49243e10547b3b2fd65
4Django Hello World8K52HRoA4Sc26641b942484ed077bc4130eac66110b20880658
5Django TemplateskiTAiRGaf6scb045beec0ef028f54c974dd96a23dbae2be1124
6Django ModelsNeEmegB9gwQ78b2545369380b56d0696cb93e1b885485f88a3b
7Django Admin SitejCihWwrwS-wdf284a30d34f6bb57c300fe8eaa5027eaedc1a02
8Django Contextkckacd2Zfwk160a042037d6c4dd1e12b33962519e8393f9ed70
9Django Forms4pSPWkrd-1M71e809f03a68c3b2332d5afaebfab422fc7ab7e8
10Django CRUDopjyyXoqrxg0b3027c8e9b68ffc7ee7e84b5a4c2aba9164fbe4
11Django + BootstrapSPGrc6byv_Y02e6e8c840d7c7c4c20a6663307fe458928ccde3

Django Tutorial for Beginners

This Django tutorial is designed for beginners. Some knowledge of Python will be very helpful, but not necessary. The examples throughout the video series will be valuable in your understanding of the various Django and Python concepts.

A good place to start is with the very first video 🙂. This video is an overview of the Django course and gives you an idea of what to expect.

YouTube video

The best part is perhaps that this entire online Django course is 100% free for everyone. No excuse not to learn!

Good luck, and let me know in the comments if you have questions.