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If you’re looking for an SEMrush free trial, you’re in the right place. I’ll cut to the chase… here’s your free 2 week trial link.

14 Day SEMrush Free Trial

As a daily user of SEMrush for over a year now, I can honestly say that this suite of SEO tools has allowed me to take my websites and YouTube channels to the next level.

For those of you who are new here, my name is Tony Florida. I quit my software engineering job in 2018 in an attempt to work for myself. While I had fun traveling the world during this time, a main focus of mine was to built my online presence because we all know how important that is.

Without any prior SEO experience, I researched my butt off to figure out the digital marketing space. That’s when I discovered SEMrush.

Google Analytics page views trending up
Screenshot of my Google Analytics showing the growth of my personal blog

Since then, I’ve seen consistent organic growth on all of my websites, but in particular my personal blog. I owe much of that success to the keyword research that I’ve conducted using SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

While SEMrush offers tools like competitor analysis and advertising research, I primarily use the keyword magic tool to conduct keyword research. In doing so, you can use real-world search engine data to target keywords with high volume and minimal results in SERP.

It’s actually a really simple concept that can have a huge impact on your website or blog.

Basically, the keyword magic tool shows you a list of search volume, trend, and the number of search results for a particular keyword. As a content creator or blogger, your job is to find keywords with high volume but low search results. These keywords are what you want to target.

Keyword research with SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool

In the example above, Life cereal has 230 million search results while Booty O’s cereal has just 43 thousand. In both cases, each of these keywords sees the same monthly search volume.

Because there’s less competition for articles about Booty O’s than Life, you have a much better chance of ranking on the first page of Google if you target Booty O’s over Life.

SEMrush Pricing

While SEMrush has three different pricing plans, most bloggers in a situation similar to me will opt for the entry-level Pro plan. The Guru and Business plans are for larger companies with multiple employees.

Pro Guru Business
$99.95/month $199.95/month $399.95/month
5 projects 50 projects 200 projects

Even at the Pro level, SEMrush may seem like an expensive tool. I mean $100 per month is a lot of money.

But if you’re in the mindset that investing in the right tools will ultimately move the needle, then you’re in a good place.

I’ve been there too where I thought I could use Google’s free Keyword Planner to conduct my keyword research. As a hustling entrepreneur, you’re willing to cut corners to save pennies.

However, let me tell you that this is a big mistake. Understand that the keyword planner that Google offers deals with AdWords data. Ad data is a whole different ballgame than organic search engine data. Organic search data is SEMrush’s speciality.


Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that you need the right tool to get the job done, so if you need to do proper keyword analytics, SEMrush is the right tool.

One last thing I’ll say about SEMrush pricing is that they do offer a substantial discount if you pay in-full for a year. Instead of a monthly price of $99.95 for the Pro plan, you’ll only pay $83.28 when billed annually. While this is a great option that I, in fact, have taken advantage of, I still recommend you start with a free trial before making such a big commitment.

SEMrush Free Trial

As it says at the top of this blog post, if you sign up for my SEMrush free trial link and become a customer (which I’m betting you will after you try it out), I’ll earn a kickback from them for helping promote their product. This comes at no extra cost to you.

The trial itself is no obligation. You will however have to enter your credit card and billing details upon signing up for the free trial, but as long as you set a reminder for yourself and cancel before the trial period is up, you won’t have to pay a penny.

14 Day SEMrush Free Trial (a $45 value)

Need another reason that SEMrush is a great tool for SEO? They also have a WordPress plugin which I’ve written about here that helps you craft the perfect blog post.

If you have any questions about SEMrush before you sign up, let me know in the comment below or reach out to me on my contact page.

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