How to Install WordPress on Vultr With One Click


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Although installing Vultr on WordPress technically takes more than one click, the value you get for the price is well worth it the extra clicks. Actually, I couldn’t ask for a smoother way to deploy a WordPress installation than what Vultr offers.

In this tutorial, I’ll also give you my thoughts about using WordPress on Vultr as I walk you through the process of deploying an instance to their cloud.

Vultr Pricing

Based on the reasonable pricing alone, I made up my mind that I would at least check out Vultr. At the time, I had my websites scattered between shard hosting and VPS. But when I found out that Vultr has one click WordPress installs, I was hooked.

Vultr pricing is charged by the hour. I was very worried at first about renting server space by the hour, but when you think about it, any monthly hosting plan can be broken down into an hourly charge. It’s actually very enlightening to figure out that your web hosting costs less than a penny per hour!

Vultr cloud compute pricingPin
Prices for Vultr cloud compute start at $2.50/month

Vultr pricing starts at $2.50 per month for the cheapest cloud computing tier. This plan gives you a 10 GB SSD, 1 CPU core, 512 MB RAM, and 0.5 TB bandwidth.

The recommended entry-level plan is the $5 per month plan with a 25 GB SSD, 1 CPU core, 1024 MB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth.

Vultr cloud computing instances go all the way up to a 1,600 GB SSD, 24 core CPU, 96 GB RAM, and 15 TB bandwidth for $640 per month.

All cloud computing instances run on an SSD cloud. At the time of this writing, there are 10 different Vultr cloud computing instance options, most of which are well under $0.10 per hour.

Test out WordPress on Vultr for free with $50!

Vultr WordPress One-Click Install

Now I know I’m making a big deal about Vultr’s WordPress install being more than “one click”. But in all honesty, getting set up with WordPress on Vultr is super simple.

From the deploy page, select Cloud Compute and then your server location. I recommend picking a location closest to the source of the majority of your website traffic.

Next, under Server Type, open the Application tab and select WordPress at the bottom. At this time, WordPress is only installable on the Ubuntu 18.04 x64 operating system which is perfect for most websites.

Finally, after entering your site address ULR in the server hostname box, all you have to do is click the Deploy Now button.

Within a minute or so, your WordPress cloud instance will be fully hosted and ready to access.

Here is where you will navigate to https://your-ip-address/wp-admin/ and finish the actual WordPress installation. My biggest recommendation is to point your domain name’s DNS server to Vultr before installing WordPress. To do this, simply enter your new Vultr IP address as an “A record” under your domain name’s custom DNS records section.

After doing so, proceed with the WordPress setup and within a minute, you’ll have a fully functioning WordPress site.

Vultr high performance SSD cloud computing starting at $2.50/moPin

Vultr Promo Code

Don’t forget that you can try out Vultr for free with my personal promo link. With this, you get $50 Vultr credit on me! The coupon credit is applied to your account after signing up.

Test out WordPress on Vultr for free with $50!

Full disclosure:  I’ll get a small commission for referring you to Vultr as a new user. Thank you ? for reading my Vultr review!

Let me know if you have any questions about WordPress cloud hosting with Vultr in the comments below. Also if you’re interested, check out some of my other web hosting blog posts here.

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