How to Get a Perfect PageSpeed Insights Score for WordPress

Is a Google PageSpeed Insights Score of 100 Possible?

Yes, of course it is! The WordPress site that you’re on right now consistently scores 100 on PageSpeed Insights (or pretty darn close to it) for mobile and desktop.

Through a combination of just three types of plugins, you can drastically improve your WordPress website’s PageSpeed insights score. These three plugin categories are:

  • Caching pages (W3 Total Cache): Instead of dynamically generating web pages each time a page is requested, you can speed up page load time by caching pages
  • Compressing images (EWWW IO): Since images are often the biggest recourse on your web page, properly compressing them is critical to reduce bandwidth
  • Cutting the fat (Perfmatters): Your theme, plugins, and WordPress itself is loaded with extra features that you don’t need to be loaded on your web pages

I invite you to watch the playlist below which contains seven videos that will walk you through the process of improving your PageSpeed Insights score for your WordPress website.

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