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Simple Podcast Press review

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After weeks of searching for a way to automatically publish my podcast episodes to my website, I found Simple Podcast Press. This WordPress podcast plugin adds my podcast episodes to my WordPress website…and I don’t have to lift a finger.

Here’s my comprehensive review of the Simple Podcast Press plugin for WordPress and how it allows me to automate my podcast workflow.

Best Podcast Plugin for WordPress

Simple Podcast Press is the best podcast plugin for WordPress. Not only is Simple Podcast Press a podcast player for WordPress, but it also automatically publishes a post for every new podcast episode. Consequently, this podcast plugin allows you to essentially automate your podcast workflow.

The Simple Podcast Press plugin integrates nicely with the Dixie WordPress theme, although any theme will work fine. Below is a screenshot of what you can expect with Dixie and Simple Podcast Press.

Simple Podcast Press plugin and Dixie Wordpress theme
Screenshot of The 4501 Podcast website with the Simple Podcast Press plugin and the Dixie WordPress theme

As you can see, the Simple Podcast Press plugin displays a customizable podcast player where you can choose the color, size, buttons, and much more.

Is The Simple Podcast Press Plugin Worth it?

Although Simple Podcast Press costs $67/year, it’s a worthwhile cost for any serious podcaster.

By making a website for your podcast, you are not only giving it a home, but also allowing your podcast to be discovered by new listeners. When you have a webpage for each podcast episode, search engines can index these posts and rank your content in search results. As a result, someone searching for a topic that you have a podcast episode about can potentially find your podcast via Google. This is critical for growing your audience.

Not only do you get a podcast player, but you also get the following Simple Podcast Press features:

  • Auto updating playlists
  • Clickable timestamps
  • Automatically publish podcast episode to WordPress post
  • Worldwide iTunes reviews
  • Automatic URL shortener

Short Podcast Episode Number URLs

I need to say right here that the automatic URL shortener feature has been a game changer for me. The URL shortener allows each episode to have two URLs. If you number your podcast episodes, you can have an SEO-friendly URL and a URL for your podcast episode.

For example, episode 17 of The 4501 Podcast is called Backpacking India. With the automatic URL shortener, the following two URLs point to the same podcast episode webpage.

The URL ending in the episode number 17 redirects to the primary URL. This allows me to reference the shortened URL verbally in the podcast episode itself while allowing the primary URL to remain optimized for search engines.

How to Integrate Your Podcast into WordPress

If you’re wondering how to add a podcast to a website, you’re in the right place.

After you download Simple Podcast Press, install it on your WordPress website like you would with any other plugin. I personally use the Dixie WordPress theme in combination with Simple Podcast Press because the two integrate really well with each other.

Once installed, you can add your podcast to WordPress by entering your iTunes or podcast feed URL.

Connect podcast to Wordpress

After connecting your podcast to WordPress, you have the option to import published episodes.

Finally comes time to customize the podcast player. There are numerous settings which give you maximum control over the look of your podcast player. You can customize everything from the color and size to the buttons and location of the player.

Now that you’re satisfied with the look of your podcast player, we can automatically publish new podcast episodes to Wordpress. All you have to do to enable this feature is simply check a box.

Automatically publish podcast episodes to Wordpress website

By enabling this option, a new WordPress blog post will automatically be created for all future podcast episodes that you publish. This works regardless of what podcast hosting service you use.

While the post layout is customizable, you can choose to display the podcast title, description, and artwork alongside the podcast player for the episode.

Simple Podcast Press Plugin

All in all, this WordPress podcast plugin meets all my needs. After trying the Blubrry PowerPress plugin and the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, I can confidently say that Simple Podcast Press is the way to go.

Simple Podcast Press

I ❤ podcasts, and if you do too check out my podcast page which has all podcasts I’ve been on. Let me know if you have any questions about getting started with setting up or how to manage your podcast website in the comments below.


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